Remarkably Simple Social Media for Your Church

The most important lesson in social media for your church or ministry: It’s not faith in technology that matters; it’s faith in God.


Where will your new members come from?  How will you motivate them to join when they arrive?  How best can you substantially grow your church with limited resources?  And most vital of all, how can you reach out to the lost in a way that gives honor and glory to God.

These are hugely important, practical, questions — for every pastor in America.


There’s a big world out there and it’s filled with prospective church members and followers. The conundrum is how to reach them successfully and cost effectively. Instead of wondering where your new members will come from, how to motivate them when they arrive and how to afford it all in a difficult economy, Social Media for God will help you find them, already motivated, and eager to join your church.


At Social Media for God, our mission is to assist churches around the world; using our proven, proprietary, social media strategies and protocols, to dramatically expand their membership, ministry and influence. – Michael R. H. Stewart


Social media is not a simple solution.  It will take time, dedication and energy.  It will require creativity and wisdom.  But if you give Social Media for God a period of sustained effort, the next time you end a service deeply concerned you will do something special.

You will sit down at your computer; reach out into an enormous following of your perfect members; find an individual who is the quintessentially ideal worker for your newest spiritual initiative; tap him on his virtual shoulder and invite him to become a valued member of your church.

Watch for your invitation to meet with me personally.  Or if you prefer, complete the form below and I will contact you within the hour.

It really is simple, because we will do it ALL FOR YOU!

Thank you and God Speed,









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