Please Help Preserve Mission Control


I was glued to my television screen, watching history unfold before my eyes.

From living rooms across America and the world, we all watched spellbound, as Mission Control guided our brave astronauts safely to the surface of the Moon.

Nearly 50 years later, thanks to Space Center Houston, and the City of Webster, Texas, we can all play a crucial role in preserving that glorious moment for our children and grandchildren.

Please join in supporting the Webster Challenge to help restore this Apollo-era landmark.

Learn more and contribute here: @Kickstarter:

Raised so far $230,392  92.16% Funded

Congratulations to Janet Brown and the tireless folks at Space Center Houston.






Descend from Heaven With A Shout!

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16 NIV).

What words will He shout?

Max Lucado calls that “shout” the “inaugural word of heaven”.

He continues:

“It will be the first audible message most have heard from God. It will be the word which closes one age and opens a new one.”

The God I love, and who loves me in return; fed up with the suffering withstood for countless centuries by His children, might shout:

“No more!”

No more loneliness. No more tears. No more death. No more sadness. No more crying. No more pain.

The time for God’s army will have finally arrived; and like so many aging soldiers in our history, I’ll don my uniform, take up my sword, dust off my smile and eagerly, breathlessly, join the fight.




Our Center of Balance

The obvious answer to Isaiah’s question is God.

But consider this formidable truth in the context of the Fibonacci Sequence.

In the universe; or a pile of stones; growth can continue unabated as long as the Fibonacci Sequence is adhered to.


Because, however large it becomes, it maintains its “center of balance.”

Think about it.

As a people, a country, a faith or a universe; we can continue to grow and prosper, as long as our Creator remains our center of balance.




Can’t find the meaning of life? Ask the Creator.

Suppose as a very young child, you walked into an enormous library for the first time.

What would you see?

A huge pile of books scattered pointlessly on the floor? Of course not.

They would be carefully arranged and in order.

No matter how many floors the library had, or how many millions of books, they would have one number sequence in common: The Dewey Decimal Classification System.

The same is true of Creation: It’s called the Fibonacci Sequence.

Can’t find your book? Ask the Librarian.

Can’t find the meaning of life? Ask the Creator.




Your Father Will Catch You

Many of us have been there, before we learned to swim: standing nervously on the end of the diving board, wondering how we got there, trying to be brave, wishing there was a father waiting in the water to catch us when we jumped.

Life is a lot like that. Lots of diving boards. Lots of pools. Lots of hesitation, and sometimes worry. Fortunately, we all have a Father waiting in the deep end to catch us. All we have to do is ask.